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From its establishment in 2005, our firm has been focusing on building lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with its clients. Our clients include public and private companies, banks and financial institutions, domestic and international. We also have served and assisted many business individuals to resolve their complex legal issues. Through the firm’s vision of commitment, excellence and integrity, we are now one of the fast growing law firms in Indonesia.

The founders are professional lawyers with more than 20 years experience in legal practice implementing great talents and creative approaches to the law. Through our lawyers, we advise leading enterprises in a wide variety of industries, including, banking, mining, minerals and energy, property, communications and technology, and consumer goods and services on matters involving commercial transactions, joint venture, project financing, restructuring, merger, acquisition, liquidation, employment, dispute settlement, and other corporate activities in the Indonesian emerging markets.

HWMA is capable to speedily interpret new regulations, structure complex business transactions, and anticipate and react to change. It is our understanding of the perpetual change to the qualities in legal, economic and political environment in Indonesia and around the globe, our clients is in need for legal assistance to access the Indonesian marketplace and compete with their competitors by avoiding or resolving legal issues that might hinder their businesses.

At HWMA, our concept is to address the array of legal challenges companies and business people alike may encounter in achieving their business goals. The implementation of this concept carried out by our professionals has brought us depth, diversity and experience. And those who built the firm continue to serve the clients that have grown with us. They start with the ability to see creative solutions of the clients’ legal problem others might miss. Our lawyers ensure that all of our services rendered to the client meet the highest standards in the legal service industry.

In every area of the law, we focus on achieving results that help your businesses and goals in Indonesia.

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