PT Kalos Anthrope Solusi

Our journey started at 2002 as a Training Center named IMMANANCE IT Center. We were the first training Center provide a comprehensive Network Fundmental Training. Along the way, we handle a lot of project and a lot of demand for High Quality Engineers, and we decide to transform our business to "PT Kalos Anthrope Solusi"

PT Kalos Anthrope Solusi, founded at 2011. We provide our support to System Integrator and Service Providers to transform their business operations to deliver information technology.

PT Kalos Anthrope Solusi committed to support our client with Excellent Engineers to have their valuable information in a secured trusted system and provide solutions which are cost effective.

PT Kalos Anthrope Solusi positioning ourself as a strategic partner both for Talented youngster (who seek opportunity to work in large enterprise company) and Service Provider / System Integrator  (who need agility to run their big Project and services)

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